Stricker Kulturmanagement GmbH


Gaining importance in the field of cultural and creative industries resulting in a change of objectives, strategies and future opportunities for our cultural life. In particular, combining many forces (cluster) is a forward-looking strategy.


Our goal is to develop new perspectives from previous obstacles.

The development of business models accompanied with business planning (financial planning) is a challenge for us. Strategic corporate development is a must!


We like to proceed by addressing the inventory. We help immediately by getting you back on the winning track and strategically making the right decisions. In addition, we offer communication support throughout.


We ask the right questions to help you develop optimal solutions. Whether financial, crises, or turnaround management, a successful implementation is our goal!


Project management is the coordination of all tasks that lead to the successful implementation of a project for us.


From content design on the exploitation partners, including comprehensive event management to professional accounting, and subsequent evaluation of projects - we have the appropriate expertise by collaborating with specialists.

Linda Goldstein, Roger Greece, Bobby McFerrin, Nicol Matt and Thomas Stricker